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Remedy Wellbeing has been awarded Best Mental Wellbeing Service in Asia 2021 & 2022. Helping Individuals & Families in Singapore live a life beyond their wildest expectations. Confidential Therapy & Wellbeing Retreats.



Best Mental Health Retreat in Asia

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There are unique stresses to living and working in Singapore, with a disproportionate number of people suffering from Burnout, Stress, Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression and a range of other wellness concerns such as Releationship Issues, Grief, Shopping Addiction, Weight Management, Peak Performance and Ageing.

Remedy Wellbeing exists to serve Citizens and Residents of Singapore who have reached a point where they know life has to change, & are searching for more peace, fulfillment and a sense of purpose. Remedy Wellbeing Singapore exists to help clients find serenity according to their highest values, whatever those values may be.

Remedy Wellbeing Singapore is part of Part of Remedy Wellbeing, delivering the Worlds most exclusive treatment of emotional, physical and psychological wellness.

Singapore Mental Health Service

Individualized Sustainable Treatment in SG

Worlds Best Mental Health Retreat

Remedy Wellbeing Singapore is not simply an escape from a life of anxiety, depression, addiction or burnout. It is the return to a life well lived. A place of exquisite mental and physical healing exclusively for Singapore residents. Our award winning therapeutic approach is available online in Singapore and at our private luxury retreats in our Center of Excellence in Thailand.

Insomnia Treatment

Both our online program and luxury residential retreat specialize in bespoke sleep systems, designed exclusively for each individual and their unique circumstances. Often in Singapore, those with sleep problems will try to help themselves with a mixture of herbal remedies and alcohol or they’ll get some sleeping medication from the Pharmacy, leading to further problems.

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Burnout Treatment

Some people may define burnout as too much stress yet once you reach the level of burnout, the stress that you felt before almost disappears. It does not actually disappear, but you become so desensitized to it and everything else in life that you begin to think that nothing matters. Remedy Wellbeing Singapore are experts in the treament of Entrepreneur & Employee burnout…

Remedy Burnout Treatment

High Functioning Depression

Despite the different name, high-functioning depression is still depression. And some signs will be the same. However, the high-functioning element means that even those closest to the sufferer, may not even realize that anything is wrong. Even when the symptoms are particularly bad, they may be attributed to something else such as sleep problems or just a bug.

High Functioning Depression Treatment

Stress Treatment

Stress is at the heart of many mental and physical health conditions. At Remedy Wellbeing Singapore, we provide treatment programs to de-stress your body, mind and soul. Each bespoke stress treatment program is tailor-made to suit your specific needs whether online or at our luxury residential retreat. Our stress treatment is focussed on restoring the mind-body equilibrium

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Weight Loss Program

The Remedy Wellbeing Singapore bespoke weight loss treatment programmes are tailored to your psychological and physical needs. We see weight gain as a symptom of underlying imbalances, and together we will help you undertand and treat these core issues. We also deliver sessions with our nutritional restoration experts to discuss your goals and regime.

Award Winning Weight Loss Programs

Peak Perfomance

Bubsinesspeople, athletes, performers, musicians and achievers of all kinds in Singapore are often preoccupied about attaining peak performance – “getting in the zone” or a Flow state. A flow state is often where people are at their happiest. In this state people feel connected, inspired, and completely present. It is a state which is experienced as inherently meaningful.

Peak Performance Singapore

Relationships & Divorce

Our award winning mental health retreats welcome couples from Singapore looking to overcome relationship concerns to build a brighter and happier furture, and we also help clients overcome the trauma of divorce. Our services are created with the deep understanding of the complexities and emotional confusion that often come with such life events.

Relationship Therapy and Divorce Coach

Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety disorders are much different to feeling the occasional bout of worry. Anxiety disorders can be paralyzing to those who experience them. They can leave a person feeling unable to cope and are very common in Singapore. Remedy Wellbing clients experience significant and rapid reduction in anxiety and often complete remission from a debilitating condition. 

Anxiety Treatmement in SG

Young Adults

At Remedy Wellbeing Singapore, we adopt a whole person approach tailored to the specific needs of young people with a focus on full recovery, positive growth and addressing ‘failure to launch’. We place special focus on helping young adults regain their self-confidence and self-esteem, learn methods to cope with difficult situations and look towards an optimistic future.

Young Adult Therapy Singapore


Our award winning Family program is the only type of its kind in the World to put the family first. It is not an adjunct to some other program. This unique package can include Partners, Children, Parents and Grandparents. REMEDY for Families can help families reconnect and grow together. Our family program is particularly effective online and in person at our luxury retreat.

Family Wellbeing Singapore

Expat Support

Being an expat in Singapore can be especially challenging for the entire family. Singapore is an interesting mix of English language and uniquely Asian culture although it is easy to suffer from crippling loneliness, anxiety and depression in a city so vibrant that you’re expected to just ‘fit in’. Most expat familie in Singapore benefit from our online tehrapeutic expertise and luxury retreats.

Singapore Expat Therapy


If you have experienced or are experiencing sadness living in Singapore that doesn’t fade away, you may be suffering from depression. Depression is a mental health issue that can be treated, allowing you to live a fulfilling life. Remedy Wellbeing SG Online Programs and Retreats gives you the chance to reclaim your life from the severe sadness that permeates it.

Depression Treatment Singapore

Fatherhood Therapy

Men do not often seek counseling because they are having difficulties with being a father, but many of the presenting problems and reasons for seeking help can be related to the roles and responsibilities of fathering. The dramatic shift in societal expectations of being a father can often leave men confused as they navigate conflicting views, demands, and new responsibilities.

Singapore Fatherhood Program

Parenting Therapy

Parenting therapy in Singapore is a specialized form of therapy that works with parents to help identify, address, and manage their own past or present experiences that may be affecting the way they relate to their child. In some cases, parenting therapy may also help parents better communicate between each other to maintain a cohesive and structured parenting approach.

Parenting Therapy Singapore

Exclusive Singapore Mental Health Service

Treatment Everyone is Talking About

“Forever Grateful”

“I will forever be grateful to the expert team at Remedy Wellbeing Singapore. I came in suffering from Burnout, Anxiety and what felt like depression. I have left feeling healed and ready to take on the world. My days were filled with mindfulness, tranquility and deep therapeutic work. I cannot wait to return as I will be back next year.“

Rejesh, Singapore

“Online Program”

“I consider the online program at Remedy Wellbeing Singapore to be the best choice I have made in my life. The team helped me to understand a lot of things, especially regarding my difficulties due to anxiety and burnout. I have never received that kind of help anywhere else in Singapore even though I have tried in many years.”

Maddie, Singapore

“Very Helpful”

“Remedy Wellbeing helped my husband and I thorough a long rocky patch in our relationship. We had grown apart over these years and our businesses in Singapore were so busy that we rarely spoke with each other for days at a time. Online therapy was amazing and not like we expected. I have no hesitation recommending Remedy SG . “

Anon, Singapore


“Remedy Singapore is one of the most transformative, life changing, recharging and powerful experiences I have ever had the pleasure of attending. I have left feeling a deeper connection to myself, full of peace, self love, enlightenment and skills to help me live my life on my terms again. Thank you to Remedy Wellbeing”.

Bella, Singapore

Singapore Mental Health Blog

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The Remedy Singapore blog is full of information about mental health and wellbeing in Singapore. Taking a non-judgemental, deep-dive into local SG treatment of Burnout, Depression, Anxiety, Guilt, Grief and a range of mental health issues and concerns. The blog also looks at Relationship Dynamics in Singapore, Smoking Cessation and Binge Drinking in the Country.

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