What truly sets Remedy Wellbeing Singapore apart from its contemporaries is its dedication to working directly with clients. You will experience personalized, one-to-one care during your time on our mental wellness programs whether you opt for an online program or to visit or luxury retreat.


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Founded in 2019 in Remedy Wellbeing Singapore provides treatment to clients in Singapore suffering from burnout, stress, anxiety, depression and a range of mental health issues. REMEDY Singapore was founded to provide expert, accurate diagnoses to physical and mental health issues that allow for effective treatment.

The small, private institute is the perfect place for individuals seeking an escape. Remedy Wellbeing Singapore provides customized treatment plans delivered directly online from our Center of Excellence at the REMEDY. Our online therapy, burnout and peak performance programs in Singapore represent the pinnacle of global luxury wellbeing.

With a deep local knowledge of the unique stressors and strains of living and working in Singapore we treat both Singaporeans and Singapore Residents in complete privacy either online or at our unique luxury retreats in Thailand.

Remedy Wellbeing Singapore

What truly sets Remedy Wellbeing Singapore apart from its contemporaries is its dedication to working directly with clients. You will experience personalized, one-to-one care during your time on our mental wellness programs whether you opt for an online program or to visit or luxury retreat.

The REMEDY Singapore is a visionary service working at the frontline of outpatient mental and behavioural healthcare. We offer therapeutic and individualized support to help our clients, facilitated by a team of World Class experts at our Center of Excellence who have many years of experience helping people find their own path to wellness and sustainable recovery.

Our mental and behavioural health program in Singapore encompasses many elements of our overall well-being. This includes the effective treatment of conditions such as anxiety, depression, burnout and disordered eating, as well as some compulsive behaviours such as shopping addiction or binge drinking.

Our evidence-based services are delivered directly to Singapore by the actual award winning REMEDY team from our Center of Excellence in Thailand and London. All our Singapore mental health programs are delivered on an outpatient basis, which means our clients can receive personalised, effective and compassionate care via our online platforms while still fulfilling their duties at home and work.

Remedy Wellbeing Singapore works with executives, families, high-profile persons, and professionals. Our center of excellence provides a white-glove touch to client recovery, whether online or in-person at our luxury retreat.

Luxury Mental Health Retreats in Singapore

Signapore Mental Health Treatment

Remedy Wellbeing Singapore is part of the award winning Remedy Wellbeing Group, awarded best mental wellness group in Asia 2021 & 2022. The REMEDY has two excellent options for sustainable mental wellness in Singapore. Clients may opt for our intensive online outpatient program, completely individualized to treat a clients specific concerns. Alternatively, clients may opt to attend our 6-star mental health retreat in Thailand.

Online Programs Directly from Remedy Wellbeing

Award Winning Treatment @ Home

We know traditional face-to-face treatment isn’t right for everyone, in particular established professionals or those with families. Travelling accross Singapore for an hour of therapy isn’t just an hour… it’s an expediation!

We don’t believe that logistics should be a barrier to people getting the help they deserve. Your responsibility to your health shouldn’t clash with your life.

Remedy Mental Health in Singapore was founded to create a space where recovery fits into daily life. Our program consists of scheduled individual sessions that fit around daily routines, so our clients can maintain commitments.

Award Winning Online Program

When you lead a busy life, balancing responsibilities at home and work, finding a moment to visit a therapist in person can be difficult. A trip accross Singapore can take an entire afternoon there and back. Our experts understand how to engage effectively with you online and everyone our team have received multiple awards for the online program.

Online Therapy Singapore

6-Star Luxury Retreat

The Remedy Wellbeing Singapore Mental Health Retreat is situated in Phuket, Thailand, an idyllic area of the country that is as relaxing as it is beautiful. Remedy Retreats are a destination for transformation, where expert staff from our main Remedy HQ help you work through various wellbeing concerns and issues to deliver sustainable transformation and change.

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Singapore Testimonials

What Singapore People are Saying


“Remedy Singapore is one of the most transformative, life changing, recharging and powerful experiences I have ever had the pleasure of attending. I have left feeling a deeper connection to myself, full of peace, self love, enlightenment and skills to help me live my life on my terms again. Thank you to Remedy Wellbeing”.

Bella, Singapore

“Very Helpful”

“Remedy Wellbeing helped my husband and I thorough a long rocky patch in our relationship. We had grown apart over these years and our businesses in Singapore were so busy that we rarely spoke with each other for days at a time. Online therapy was amazing and not like we expected. I have no hesitation recommending Remedy SG . “

Anon, Singapore

“Forever Grateful”

“I will forever be grateful to the expert team at Remedy Wellbeing Singapore. I came in suffering from Burnout, Anxiety and what felt like depression. I have left feeling healed and ready to take on the world. My days were filled with mindfulness, tranquility and deep therapeutic work. I cannot wait to return as I will be back next year.

Rajesh, Singapore

“Online Program”

“I consider the online program at Remedy Wellbeing Singapore to be the best choice I have made in my life. The team helped me to understand a lot of things, especially regarding my difficulties due to anxiety and burnout. I have never received that kind of help anywhere else in Singapore even though I have tried in many years.”

Maddie, Singapore

Singapore Mental Health Blog

Events, Articles & News

The Remedy Singapore blog is full of information about mental health and wellbeing in Singapore. Taking a non-judgemental, deep-dive into local SG treatment of Burnout, Depression, Anxiety, Guilt, Grief and a range of mental health issues and concerns. The blog also looks at Relationship Dynamics in Singapore, Smoking Cessation and Binge Drinking in the Country.

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